This book is about people, their stories, their lived experiences and their journey with stuttering and speech. “Stuttering It’s What You Think” serves as a guide for parents on how to successfully raise a child who stutters. This book is in response to every person that I’ve had the pleasure of serving and supporting in my private practice and in the communities that I am a part of. This book is intended to address myths and what we believe to be true regarding stuttering itself and it’s impact. “Stuttering It’s What You Think” is a hope and help guide for parents and loved ones of children who stutter, adults who stutter and wish they had more guidance as children, professionals who work with people who stutter and those who simply want to know and understand more about the intricacies of stuttering.


“Dominique Kennedy, author of Stuttering, It’s What You Think, knows what she is talking about. Ms. Kennedy is a parent, and a speech-language pathologist. She writes with a friendly, conversational style. She offers advice from her own experiences as well as from the experiences of the children she has worked with. Ms. Kennedy’s book will help parents keep a positive mindset and learn the importance of patience. Most importantly, they will better understand that they are not helpless. Although they may not be able to take away their child’s stutter they can certainly fight to have their child’s voice heard and be their biggest supporters. I am thrilled to recommend Stuttering, It’s What You Think to any parent of a child who stutters.”

~Christopher D Constantino, PhD, CCC-SLP

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